About Us

Information Technology is to a business what plumbing is to a building; it can be the lifeblood of a successful operation, without which everything comes to a grinding stop. Many small businesses take IT resources for granted and don’t make the investments required to ensure that IT is actually being used efficiently and effectively. Effective use of IT can help you market your business better, save money on operations, and even help you deliver a higher quality service to your customers, and an excellent IT consultant can help you determine the options best for your business.

Small Business Services

Small businesses need at least two things to survive. Customers and the ability to provide excellent service to customers. Without either, business survival in a competitive marketplace is next to impossible. Somerville Technology Solutions LLC provides IT services to address both areas. We help small businesses effectively implement the tools needed to market their business and to run their business.

Examples of Solutions we provide:

  • Professional website development and eCommerce
  • Email campaign marketing solutions
  • Social media marketing solutions
  • Mobile technology solutions and training
  • Distance learning and web conferencing solutions
  • Back office and network systems
  • Desktop support and desktop maintenance
Michael’s Professional Background

About_Us_Headshots_bluMichael Somerville has worked in various capacities in the information technology industry since 1996. As an IT consultant he has developed software, built networks, and integrated complex systems for his customers. What Michael brings to every experience is a keen understanding of how implementation of technology can positively impact a companies bottom line, and his first questions when engaging with customers are focused on the determination of their business objectives. Technology for it’s own sake is rarely useful without a clear understanding of how it is going to improve the business. It is his plain speaking consultative approach to addressing his clients problems that makes Somerville Technology Solutions LLC the perfect partner to consider when evaluating technology needs for your business.